Do you have a Biotech venture that will transform the world?


Building the future through Biotech

What are we looking for?

We are looking for technologies or solutions from Chile or Latin America through all the development stages that have a great potential of impact, a global vision and are advancing in the following topics:


Biologicals (pre/post Harvest)




Biological seed treatment

Organic Agriculture

Plant Production


Plant based Food

Personalized Nutrition

Food waste

Sustainable food

Consumer products

Alternative Proteins

Animal Health

Animal Husbandry and Feed

Nutritional suplements

Prebiotics or probiotics

Antimicrobial use in food animals

Alternative proteins

Vaccines or immune modulators

Animal welfare

Why apply to GaneshaLab?

Coaching & mentoring from int'l experts tailored in your business field plus mentorship with UC Davis experts.

Workshops & int'l methodologies and tools for sustainable business development.

Validation and access to international markets thru customized softlanding.

Our process makes us different

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Do you have a HEALTHCARE start-up? Visit our parallel call in partnership with Johnson & Johnson focused on this industry for more info.

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